Writings From Covered Bridge

It Walks, It Talks. Again.

Is it possible to resuscitate a blog? Yes, dear friends, it is.

Yea, though these many months have enfolded what my doctor referred to as all of life’s major stressors at once – a major operation, an extended recovery period, more treatment, a thousand-mile move to a new state and a new community, job changes, house-buying, long distance property maintenance – my family and I have emerged on the other side, reasonably healthy and happy. The dog, curiously enough, has been the slowest to adapt, but he’s getting there.

Now as I sit in my cozy nook, a solarium-like addition to the bedroom where the sun pours in and trees dressed in butterscotch leaves surround me, writing seems possible again, even urgent. And attending the North Carolina Writers Network fall conference this weekend gave the final push I needed to revive this part of my work.

In registering for the conference, I chose specifically to improve my craft, and it did not disappoint. Without exception, all five workshops I attended were well taught and enjoyable. Meaty with good content and valuable exercises, they poked my creative juices back into life. Participant exchanges encouraged fresh critical thinking about my own work and how I can improve it. Faculty stretched our minds and our efforts. In addition, the halls were populated by a host of people with resource booths that support NC writers in every facet, or so it seems. Far beyond some meetings that are primarily “feel good” events, I nonetheless felt good, really good when I left the conference for home Sunday afternoon loaded with ideas and possibilities.

While my spring and summer months were not totally writer-idle (I have written four chapters of my new book, published some poems, and participated in the Columbia, Missouri Art League’s Interpretations IV show), renewed life now breathes into my work. It reminds me that continual learning and practice are essential to writing that would be vibrant and alive.