Writings From Covered Bridge

Blogging Blues

July 7, 2011 2 a.m.

This blogging business is more challenging than it first looks.  I know there are lots of folks out there who can dump words onto a page lickety-split and stick them out on the web, but I believe blogs should be a more thoughtful place … a place where words are put deliberately, one after the other, for consideration, for reflection, for readability, for fun.

I realize that I may be old-fashioned in this regard.  Blogging surely is intended to be more short-hand than that.  A quick in-and-out for friends to get a swift idea of what you’re thinking, what you’re up to, what you’re playing at.  But when do we stop posting a bunch of meaningless drivel and really talk to each other?  Even in Twitter-speak, we should be able to manage a more substantive exchange.

The real reason I went down this road tonight, however, was not to rant about bloggers, but to actually laud those that make an attempt to communicate subjects of substance within their blogs.  It takes planning and foresight, and tenacity.  Like so many things that I have learned since I taught myself how to use a computer, yea, these many (could it really be 25?) years ago, trying on something new wants practice.  For me right now, that means blogging, and blogging more often.  And I vow once more, to myself at least, to take it in hand, for there is much to share, and much for me to learn.  So, watch this space.  More coming soon.  I promise!